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Governor Palin Refuses to Concede

It was a hard campaign that was supposed to end after Senator McCain called Senator Obama to concede and congratulate him on his victory. It became Obama's night and that should have been the end of the McCain/Palin Ticket; this was until a late night phone call coming into Obama's headquarters from the Governor that had many scratching their heads. Palin told Obama's people that she and the Senator again have disagreed on a tactic and she was taking over the campaign and the concession was being revoked. She abruptly hung up the phone and began to call radio and news stations informing that she was to hold her own press conference and is demanding recounts from every state. Palin also informed them that she was going to add another day for voting so anyone who could not vote can have another chance.

At 1:30am this morning Palin stood up behind the podium to a crowd of seven (including her sleeping baby) and one news station.

Looking deshevled and a bit unravled (see photo) she bagan her speech. "I demand a recount!" Palin shouted, punching her fist on to the podium "I'm not a quitter and I won't rest until all votes are counted, okay! I now declare myself as the Republican Presidential Candidate and with this power I am opening all voting stations for another day asking all Republicans who did not vote to get to those polling stations and cast a vote for me! Joe Six Pack, maybe you drank a twelve pack and couldn't make it. I respect you for not getting behind the wheel! Joe the Plumber's, I'm sure you had unexpected calls and had to work late; is this fair? I am giving you the chance to vote. You hockey mom's who had to watch a third overtime game and missed your chance to vote, I feel your pain and I want you to vote too!"
She began to tear up and appeared to be exhausted. She ended her speech with a much lower tone and head hanging low. "Ya know people, I thought you really liked me. So many of you came to see me and support me; I was funny on SNL wasn't I? I really thought that everyone was at my rallies and that Obama just used that Pixar stuff to make it look like he had supporters. It's so warm and sunny down here. I really though we would win.......Boy there are a lot of people in this country." With her arms at her side and head hanging down she slowly disapperred behind the stage.

That was the last time anyone has seen her so we are anxiously awaiting her next appearance.


Marcy said...

I love the picture. Good stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wow, wouldn't surprise me one bit.


The Brain Twinkey said...

AV - I agree 100%. It didn't seem so far fetched while I was writing...

Darth Rob said...

I like her. If she runs for pres in 2012, I'm gonna vote for her.

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