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IT CAN'T BE! Service Station Manger stops selling gas by tenths of a cent!

It has never been explained but also never questioned; gas prices displayed and sold by the tenth of a cent. But in a small town outside of Burlington, Vermont the new owner of Gladstones Corner Market has made a change and many are calling him an innovator and some deeming him as a hero.

Rufus Davidson purchased Gladstones just as gas prices were climbing and the demand for gas was decreasing because of this. Gas prices were the topic of almost every conversation and Davidson said he grew tired of gas prices being referred to incorrectly. "I would always here folks talkin' 'bout the cost of gas and the price. For example a customer would say "I can't believe gas is $3.95 a gallon" when actually in was $3.95 and 9/10 which is basically $3.96."

This led to Davidson making the change.His dilemma was to round the price up or down. With the economy the way it is rounding down would lose him money. Rounding up would make his gas prices look higher then his competitors even though it would only be one-tenth of a cent. "I was havin' what some may call a conundrum" said Davidson. "My first real managerial test...and it was a lulu!" He decided to round up and to his surprise many took immediate notice and many praised the change. "I never did understood dat" said Cletus Buford, a local who was purchasing gas. He continued, "Seemed perty darn silly if ya ask me.......oh ya, you just did."

Davidson's change in price has actually increased his sales and many who these days have to be strict in their budgets are pleased. "It's much easier to do the math" one anonymous purchaser told us.

"I actually have more customers now then I did before" Davidson concludes, "I guess it was the right decision."

C.P Trombley summed up what most locals are feeling. "If I can quote the great Ted Theodore Logan," Trombley continued, "Most unprecedented Rufus...most unprecedented."


Anonymous said...

Hi BT I often wondered why.


Anonymous said...

BT, sorry, this is off-topic but:

You've been tagged. Check out this link to find out what that means:

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Argentum Vulgaris

HektikLyfe said...

Because of taxes. The same reason everything is 1.99. To get just below the higher tax bracket and take as much from the government as possible for themselves.

Think of a penny on every tank that is filled in the U.S. after 50 years... That's a lot of money.

Oh and please forgive me but you've been tagged.

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