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Man Declines Vista User Agreement During Install - Buys a Mac

It the first reported case ever, a man claims to have read the entire Terms & Conditions Agreement during his Windows Vista installation and hit 'Decline'.

Jerry Atrick, a former lawyer says he has recently been more and more curious and cautious about the information in User Agreements. "I have worked many cases with people making complaints to companies regarding a variety of issues. Some people getting unknown charges on credit cards, never ending junk email and junk regular mail; the list goes on and on." Atrick said that most of these cases had Terms & Conditions where the client had to hit 'Accept' or 'Decline'. "It's amazing to me how many people will accept something without reading it. Every case that was like this was not winnable and we never went to court. Some people lost thousands of dollars."

As a lawyer Atrick was accustomed to reading everything in detail before signing or accepting but even he admits that while on his computer, when downloading programs, even he on occasion just clicked 'Accept'. "Most of the time these disclaimers basically are telling you not to copy, sell or distribute the software and some other legal statements to cover themselves" Atrick explains, "But you should always take the time to read these. You never know."

When Atrick was recently upgrading his Windows XP to Windows Vista he was shocked what he read. "Has anyone really read though the entire Microsoft Vista upgrade Terms & Conditions? As a lawyer I am accustomed to taking all possible angles of interpretation and I swear to you there is a part of the Vista T & C that insults my mother!" Atrick continued, "There were other items listed that were so vague I just couldn't continue with the installation. I am still in the process of trying to get refunded but there may have been a something in the T&C that screws me of that as well!"

Atrick has since purchased an Apple Computer and says he feels much better about it.
There has been no comment as of yet from the Microsoft Company.


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what is a brain twinkey?
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MIT Signs Challenge Students

The MIT campus has all new signs that challenge the students math skills in a variety of ways using math equations and problems. Although its amusing to students the community has protested as many have been receiving speeding tickets. Many claim that although that they live near MIT that doesn't mean they are good at math. Local police officers disagree and claim the public should just x*x + 2x - 35 = 0 and solve for x.


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cool stuff!
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