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Governor Palin and Senator Obama both enjoy Twinkie's

Governor Palin was overheard recently saying that if she had known Obama enjoyed the Golden Snack cakes as much as she did, she may have switched parties. She would have then spent time convincing Obama to select her as his running mate. "I know we would make a dynamic team, and in the tradition of former Presidents and their crutches "(for example President Carter and peanuts as well as President Reagan and his jellybeans)" we would be the first President/Vice President with the same addiction.....the love of Twinkies!"

When asked about this later, Governor Palin said that she was just going over a possible skit with a friend in case she gets a call from Saturday Night Live! Although sources tell us she has mentioned this in private before. "She loves Twinkies so much" one source told us, "that she has Vetoed items solely on the assumption that a lawmaker didn't look like a Twinkie lover." When this information was brought up to Senator Obama, he admitted that he really enjoyed a Twinkie from time to time but never let that love affect his politics.


Nana Net said...

Oh my, got to love them Twinkies! You blog is funny! Glad I came across it. Do you mind if I link you up to mine? I too am still new at this. But do love a good laugh and hope to blog about funny things too! Thanks!

The Brain Twinkey said...

I'm glad you like it!

Please - go right ahead and link me up! Leave me your blog address and I'll check it out.

Nana Net said...

TY so much. Here is my blog address.
I look forward to reading more of your upcoming posts.

Joe Arena said...

It's good to know that politicians can be bipartisan on something

Barbara said...

Twinkies: Nature's way of saying "I Love You". And they last for eternity. Gotta love that.


Anonymous said...

To think that the "Greatest Nation of the Earth" is having its leadership decided on by Twinkies - this is almost as frightening as a 3rd term for GW. I have to think about that. Nice post Brain Twinkey.


HektikLyfe said...

No need to apologize. I was just letting you know what I thought people would think. I have dealt with so many difficult people online I learned long ago to expect the worst so when I read your post those were the first things that popped in my head. If you want to bring people to your page, I thought you might want to know that info.

Anonymous said...

This Brain Twinkey guy must be stopped!
He is making a mockery out of the news.
I for one will not rest until I have hunted him down and bitch slapped him with a laptop! Who be with me!


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