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The Wiggles Inspire Me

Getting off the normal beat and path of my standard writing style....Having two young children makes our family mornings busy and entertaining. When it's time for the final push out the door The Wiggles pop on the tube and settle them for the few moments I need to get the car loaded, brush my daughters hair etc. Now the Wiggles do a lot of silly things and sing about weird stuff (fruit salad and a rose eating dinosaur) but it's safe and educational and it actually fits into my normal frame of mind so I am also entertained. I often make up songs and being goofy on a daily basis inspires my thoughts that I write down here on occasion. I have always been this way but maybe the Wiggles have helped me stay in this mind set; as being a professional and a parent can make people too serious.


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Letterman Works at McD's

what is a brain twinkey?

what is a brain twinkey?
1. Brain Twinkey (noun) (Brein-Twink-ee) 1. One with a cream-filled cranium 2. To live life in a land of Golden Sponge Cake 3. To be good at making shit up.

internet treasure chest

internet treasure chest
The one and only "Crazy Harry"
MIT Signs Challenge Students

The MIT campus has all new signs that challenge the students math skills in a variety of ways using math equations and problems. Although its amusing to students the community has protested as many have been receiving speeding tickets. Many claim that although that they live near MIT that doesn't mean they are good at math. Local police officers disagree and claim the public should just x*x + 2x - 35 = 0 and solve for x.


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Unless quoted or noted all entries are fictional. No harm or disrespect is meant just good old fashion fun! Enjoy!

cool stuff!

cool stuff!
Stare at the dot in the center of the circle and then move your head closer to it.