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How whiskey got its name

It's often a mystery how certain things get there names, and this holds true for whiskey...until now! It all started with a couple of hillbillies and their shack somewhere hidden in the flat lands of Tennessee. The two creators were taking a couple of buddies through the woods to show them their creation and get drunk. As they approached the front door the first hillbilly reached into his pocket to fetch his key only to discover there was a hole in his pocket. After cursing he looked to his friend and said, "Dammit Charlie....I seems to lost me key. I s'pose we can unlock de door w'is his key. From that day on they called their creation "W'is-his-key", later to be renamed 'Whiskey'.


Adam James Nall said...

Very funny stuff. Not quite sure how valid a claim this one is, but funny non-the-less!



Argentum Vulgaris said...

I have to agree with Adam, I am sure the Scots and the Irish had tabs on the name whisky long before Kentucky even knew it was Kentucky and the hillbillies found it.

Still, a good story


The Brain Twinkey said...

You must not have heard of the hillbillies in Kentucky, Ireland!

Adam James Nall said...

Yes I suppose Col. Sanders' Kentucky Fried Leprechaun would have gone down pretty well with a shot or two of that...

Anonymous said...

I, being a resident of Kentucky, Paducah to be exact, take offense to this story. I believe it to be true though, because it has been told to me many times by my skinny brother, but the origin is incorrect. These hillbillies were most definitely from Tennessee. Now, Kentucky does have a similar tale you may be thinking of about the moonshiner that fell in the pucker bush and had to drink some of that amber gold liquid to ease the pain in his "burr" filled "buns", but that's a story for another time.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Mr. A,
You are correct. TN is a much better location for this story. My apologies.

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