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Walking on tip-toes cures baldness

A new study has proven that walking on your tip-toes 50% of the time can actually cure baldness! A study was performed on 100 bald men for 16 weeks and the results were stunning. Dr. Sven Baldenheimer says elevation is the key to success. "Baldness is definitely genetic but what also occurs is that once we reach our maximum height our body settles into its elevation and over time the hair begins to fall out. By simply increasing your height by as much as a half-inch, and the change your body goes through using different muscles as well as the concentration that goes with balancing on your tip toes all contribute to the re-growing of your hair." When asked to explain in more detail the Doctor said, "It's a lot of big words but trust me it works."


Anonymous said...

Cool blog, let's see more. I have linked it frm mine.


The Brain Twinkey said...

I'm glad you like it! I wasn't sure what type of feedback I would get but if one person enjoys it then I will celebrate with a Twinkie Two-Pack! I'll check out your blog as well.

More to come!

aka Laura said...

I think you need to highlight this baldness cure more publicly. Go on the local news at least.
You could also market a new brand of shoe for men to help them with their tip-toe form. Something like a 4 inch wingtip stiletto??...
Oh, what I would pay.... hee hee

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