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YouTube stunt cures acne for thousands!

In what has to be one of the stupidest stunts ever to be posted on YouTube some good actually has come from this idiocy. A discovery a short time after this video was taken has generated peace of mind for acne sufferers around the world.

The girl seen in this video has had severe acne all through her adolescence. No treatments or products had worked and unfortunately the blemishes had become a part of life she had to accept. Remarkably four days after this stunt took place her skin cleared up. She was totally baffled by this but assumed she had finally outgrown it. A couple weeks of clear skin enjoyment soon came to an end as one morning her skin had broken out again. She was devastated.

A month later when this video was posted the requests from their friends wanting to try this stunt were overwhelming. The girl herself took another turn and when her skin cleared up yet again the only thing she could find in common from before was that she "rode the catapult" both times. She waited it out a couple of weeks and when her face broke out again she asked for another turn. As she had hoped a few days later her skin had cleared up again!

She was hesitant but decided to tell a few of her friends who also suffered from skin blemishes. Though most of them were frightened of the ride their curiosity overcame them. To their surprise once they participated a few days later their skin also cleared up.

Rumors spread through the county and eventually they were having acne laden teens and adults from all over coming to ride what is now nicknamed the "DeBlemisher". After many successes, one near tragedy brought this device to the attention of doctors and police. A young boy who was very thin attempted the DeBlemisher and when he was catapulted, instead of a sling-shot back he was expelled from the harness and did a Superman for about 75 feet! Luckily he landed in a water soaked field of mud so his injuries were minor, although he still required a hospital visit. A brief investigation ensued and authorities put together how the injury occurred. After a brief yet amusing reenactment as well as an explanation several studies were performed on the DeBlemisher and the results were confirmed. The results had scientists and dermatologists working together to create a custom chamber and it is now currently being manufactured for mass release world wide!


Anonymous said...

Incredible! The answer is blatently obvious, Brain. The acne were so damn scared, they didn't dare poke their heads through the skin.


Brian said...

Awesome video! Thanks for the laugh. I do admit is looks like fun, but I don't think you'll see me trying it, even if I develop acne. :)


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