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Woman finds a bat in her coffee filter!

This is a true story:

It is definitely the Halloween season and no more so then in the Midwest of the United States. The Associated Press reports that a woman in Iowa found a bat in her coffee filter! The woman had reported a bat in her home but never worried about it. That was a mistake! It was reported that she "turned on her automatic coffee maker before she went to bed and had her coffee the next morning. They said she discovered the bat in the filter in the coffee maker when she went to clean it out that night."

So she literally drank bat flavored coffee! There's a flavor that will probably not get mass produced!

It was also reported that the bat was sent to a lab for testing but the brain was too cooked by the brewing water to determine if it had rabies. The woman has to under go rabies treatment.

I wonder if she will ever brew a pot of coffee again without checking...will you?


Nana Net said...

Thank goodness I do not use the coffee pot that requires a filter! Instead mine is a Keurig. It makes one cup of coffee at a time from a K-cup.
Though you do have me wondering about when I go out to eat about the coffee I order from there! Thanks....

Stella said...

Note to self: Always check the filter first.

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