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New "Funny-Bone" Discovered

Not everyone is familiar with the Ulnar Nerve unless it is referred to by its more familiar name the 'Funny Bone'. Yes it's true; the funny bone is not a bone at all. The Ulnar Nerve is the largest unprotected nerve in the human body. Hitting it just right is not 'funny' at all; as many know it can be quite painful. It now seems that there is another unprotected nerve in the body that until recently had not been an issue. "The Milnar Nerve can be affected in a very similar way as with the Ulnar Nerve. The Milnar Nerve is very easily affected with just slight pressure from a finger" says Dr. Tad Pohl. "We were surprised that the nerve has become so sensitive for many people and we really need to come up with a plan to either protect or numb the nerve for the so far thousands of sufferers."

It turns out that the nerve has mutated over the years and most of the affected are younger then age 30, although it seems anyone can be at risk. "There is a way to determine how sensitive the nerve ending is" Dr. Pohl says, "Depending on your age and how sensitive the nerve is, we may also be able to determine how you may be affected in the future." Dr. Pohl continues, "Take your left pinky and place it behind your left ear lobe so the pad of your finger feels flush with your skin. The right-top side of your pinky should feel your skull bone. Next take any finger from your other hand and gently touch the end of your nose. With even pressure gently but firmly push both fingers in the direction of the other and then hold it for 5 seconds. Try this a couple of times to make sure you are aligned properly. If you have a feeling similar to that of the Ulnar Nerve (Funny bone) then you may be at risk and should contact your doctor." Several of us tried the experiment and luckily had no one feel the affect. We then asked the Doctor what if any could the long term affects be and should those who have the sensation be worried? He said, "Your primary concern should be that if someone sees you trying this experiment you will be at risk of looking silly and being gullible."


Darth Rob said...

Tad Pohl, very funny. I tried it! Felt nothing but silly.

Anonymous said...

Whoever named it the funny bone had a serious problem. The lights may have been on, but there was nobody home. It is the least funny thing I know, except perhaps the dentist....


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