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Sarah Palin caught using a stand in look-alike

Since the 1993 movie titled "Dave" about a temp agency owner who's uncanny resemblance to the President of the United States has him stand in when the President falls ill, many have wondered if look alikes have ever really been used. Many conspiricy theorists have made claims for decades regading this but none were ever proven true....until now.

The conspiricy theorists began their attack on Governor Palin when it seemed from interview to interview you never knew who you were going to get. From her explosive intoduction speech, to her disasterous Katie Curic interview, to a well preparred debate. It was almost too obviouse that something was amiss.

It turns out there is a reason: Palin has been using a stand in.

It took several experts to notice the differences between the two (see above photo)! It has now been verified that the woman on the left is the real Sarah Palin while the woman on the right is the double. Even more shoking is all of the evidence points to the fake Palin being the one who appearerd at the Palin introduction speech as well as who attended the Vice Presidetial debate.

The real Palin did the Curic interview.

When this information was uncovered many thought this was the primary reason that Palin keeps refusing to appear on unscheduled interviews, especially the Today Show. The real reason that was uncovered is that Palin is affraid to talk to Katie Curic again in fear Curic might uncover the truth. We have to now assume Palin is even more out of the loop then anticiapted as Curic has not worked for NBC in quite some time.


Anonymous said...

Why? Would the stand-in do a better job?


The Brain Twinkey said...

Hard to tell..hopefully we won't find out.

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