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GPS Satellite Glitch - Gas Stations Swarmed with Lost Travelers

Just when you thought it was safe to rely on your GPS navigation system a glitch in a satellite for one GPS company has caused hundreds, if not thousands of drivers to get lost. The glitch in the satellite programming basically flipped the internal compass so north was south and east was west. The problem was discovered after a few hours but because this occurred from 7am to approximately 11:00am EST many people were lost or delayed, packages arrived late, several accidents actually occurred and many cars ran out of gas looking for a service stations.

"I had a 10:00am meeting in Freeport, Maine" said Sue Flay. "I left my home in Lowell, MA and didn't realize I was going in the wrong direction until I went by a sign that said 'Welcome to Rhode Island'! I missed my meeting and I could lose my job."

Lieutenant Smithe of the NYC Police Dept says, "..too many people rely 100% on these devices, when even the sellers of these GPS units have warnings that state they are not liable for faulty information." He added, "Even with online maps that people print, those are not totally reliable either. You should always have a backup plan and be aware or your surroundings. If you can't decipher between North and South and your automobile doesn't have a compass, bring one with you. Even though we are in the technology age you are safest carry some old fashion items like a compass and a map just in case".

It was also reported that gas station lines were extremely long with people looking for directions during this crises. Some lines were over an hour long!
"My GPS device gets me lost even when there isn't a glitch in the system." says Jim Corncriker. "I still stop by gas stations all the time even though I spent $300 bucks on this stupid thing!"
As many still know to this day you can always rely on your friendly gas/service station attendants if you are lost. Many still feel it's the most reliable way to find your destinations when you are lost.


Anonymous said...

We don't have to buy a GPS to blame when we are late for work or to an appointment. Here in Rio you just blame the bus, everybody understands, and it costs less than a buck!


Anonymous said...

people certainly are failures

Travis Tubbs, said...

This is a great reminder to those that use GPS devices or those that don't as well. Before hitting the road, try to get a general idea of where you're going before you leave. Look at a map (paper or on the web) to ensure you'll be heading in the right direction. Those few minutes you spend before leaving will definitely save you plenty of time in case something goes wrong.

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