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New and "Improved" Fast Food.

As the end of 2008 draws nears the economy problem is still front and center. May companies are cutting costs by any means possible and often people are losing their jobs. The fast food industry is not immune to this and they are attempting to cut-costs without having staff lose their jobs. This has been described as a very "noble" gesture although many feel it's not possible. The companies are trying to take care of their employees as well as the companies future and many have taken notice.
In order to cut costs the latest experiment has been to drop the high cooking costs that use up a large amount of the business dollars. Any way to cut costs in cooking can only be a benefit to each companies continued growth.
Several fast food chains are offering a new type of uncooked sandwich. This sandwich, called the 'mini-chickie' (see photo) may change the way fast-food restaurants prepare their food. By serving the sandwiches in this manner the fast food companies can reduce the cost of cooking for these delicious little sandwiches and they can even raise the price. The sandwiches hold an "entertainment value" said one manager of a local fast food chain. "It takes the eating of a sandwich to a new level. I think people really enjoy it!"

Each sandwich comes with a drink, bib, fries, extra napkins, a small billy club and a toothpick.


Darth Rob said...

I know people who would get in line for some of those. I never would've known that Vampires can be sated with Pez. Pez Rocks!

Anonymous said...



The Marvelous Cow Sandwich Eater said...

I can't wait till the hamburger version is released!

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - PEZ are amazing little pieces of tasty joy with 1001 uses!

AV-always like to give you a laugh

TMCSE - I'll let you know when they are available.

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