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New York Yankees Offer Madonna 1 Year $12 Million Dollar Contract

The New York Yankees have made yet another offer to a high-profile individual to assist in the ever growing cast of characters they are buying this off-season. Although this time the contract isn't being extended to a ball player but to a musician.

Madonna is reported to be in conversations with the Yankees front office negotiating a contract that will keep her with the Yankee slugger, Alex Rodriguez. Rodriguez and Madonna have recently opened up about their relationship and ever since Rodriguez's off season training has been over the top. "He's smiling, his skills as a third baseman are elevating and he is hitting the ball better then ever" one coach said.

Those who follow the Yankees, especially Rodriguez, understand how fragile his personality is. One Yankee player told us, "Alex puts a lot of pressure on himself, and when he isn't performing well it's hard for him to resurface. When he's happy he is at his best".

Ever since he began dating Madonna his attitude is better then ever and the Yankees have taken notice.
The Yankees have a lot of money invested in Rodriguez and they are obviosly willing to spend a little more to insure the deal. Although most people feel the relationship between Madonna and Rodriguez is "yucky" it can't be overlooked on how well he is playing.

Part of the $12 million does have performance bonuses built in. "Madonna is no amateur negotiator. She knows what she wants and how to get it."

It is being reported that there are added bonuses for Rodriguez batting over 300 for the year, having over 40 home runs, over 40 stolen bases and post season play. Totals that could bring the singer another $10 Million.

One inside source said that Madonna knows Rodriguez so well that she can figure out what works best to keep him happy and playing well. "Madonna told us that she knows just what to say or "do" to Alex to maintain his level of happiness. A happy Alex is a performing Alex and that's exactly what the Yankees want from this contract."
There has been no confirmation from the Yankees as of now, but inside sources tell us an announcement could come as soon as January 2nd.


Darth Rob said...

Maybe they should put Madonna on the team. She was in "A League of Their Own". She swings from both sides of the plate, and she's handled a lot of balls. Maybe shortstop?

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