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SPAM® Abuse Photo Disturbing & Wasteful

You either love or hate the luncheon meat called Spam. Since 1937 the meat that is made of just a few simple ingredients: Ham, pork, sugar, salt, water, a little potato starch, and a mere hint of sodium nitrite to help SPAM® keep its color (sounds delicious) has been enjoyed by "Bajillions of people around the world.." as stated at
Today there is outrage because of a recent photo that was taken. This photo shows an individual, or potential group of individuals, throwing caution to the wind creating their own "Devil's Tower" (located in Wyoming) as seen in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Although this time the "Devil's Tower" wasn't created in a drawing or with mud. This time the tower was made using SPAM®.
"They may have seen this as a joke, but this abuse of food is disturbing." says one executive from Hormel, the company that makes SPAM® . "It's disgusting. If they wanted to abuse a food source for this creation they should have used Velveeta. Some call Velveeta the "SPAM® of Cheese" and it's cheaper too!"
There have also been comments about the artwork. Many are claiming that the SPAM® display doesn't look anything like Devil's Tower and should not be described as such.
Others have a different opinion: "I just want to stand in front of that, put my hands behind my back and eat the hell out of it! It reminds me of my wedding cake as my wife and I had a SPAM® cake designed....and it was delicious!"
There are even statements coming from the art world. Renowned artist Philip Drummond calls it a masterpiece. "No one can understand the difficulty in creating that sculpture" Drummond explained, "to take cans and cans of SPAM® and meld and shape them in this way cannot go unnoticed. If I could speak to the individual who created this I think I could get him into the The Metropolitan Museum of Art."
After receiving this information the individual in the photo was tracked down and told of Drummon's proposal. Unfortunately the SPAM® creation had been devoured at an after hours keg party the previous evening.


Darth Rob said...

Doesn't look anything like Devils Tower. Spam is terrible btw. But my brother eats it almost everyday. Oh and they should change the name of that company, cuz everytime I hear Hormel, I break into giggles.

Marcy said...


Ah. No. I should see if I can develop a spam recipe that's actually good.

That would be a big challenge.

Anonymous said...

I can remember when SPAM meant something to eat... Used to come in the type of can you opened with a key.


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