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Geico Money Stack Cashes in Self

Everyone is aware of the difficult times the world economy is going through and many have used this to their advantage. Take Geico for example: They have been using a Gecko and cavemen to promote their services for many years and now have introduced a stack of money with eyeballs. This gives potential customers a visual on what the money looks like that they could save by switching to Geico. This "Money-Stack Guy" (or G-Stack) is also accompanied by music, although the money stack has no legs so it does not dance.
In previous reports there have been documented cases of the cavemen and the Gecko not getting along ( ) and even an instance where a caveman ate one of the Gecko stunt men. But never a case so unfortunate is this:

Tough times has many scrambling to save money and spend less but the recent incident with G-Stack has some now fearing for their life. G-Stack's contract doesn't pay very much for the first year but first year success could put the next years salary up near the Cavemen and Gecko. Unfortunately that wasn't helping G-Stack's immediate problem so it decided to deposit itself into a Money Market Account to grow some interest. This way in a few months it could go out and get a place of its own, similar to a college graduate moving home after graduation. Although the plan seemed like a good idea, G-Stack didn't realize he was signing it's own death warrant.

The problem that G-Stack was not aware of was that its denominations would instantly be split up when entering the banks cash drawer and then these denominations would be handed out to people but most likely separate. G-Stack vision of being placed in a private room where over time more pieces would be added to his "stack" was quickly quashed when at the Bank Teller Window took its eyes. G-Stack's eyes were plucked from its body and placed next to two Troll Dolls, a messed up Rubik's Cube and a mini fan. G-Stack then watched as the Teller ripped its body apart and placed its different pieces into different slots in a drawer till then slammed shut. G-Stack was mortified but felt at the least its parts were safe. This was until some human came to the window and signed the back of a piece of paper, handing it to the teller. G-Stack watched as several of its body parts were torn from the till and handed to this stranger. If G-Stack was more then just a pair of eyes he would have screamed!

Representatives from the Geico Ad Company became aware of the situation but it was too late. Although they found the pair of eyeballs, all of the original denominations were gone. A brief service was held for G-Stack but fans were assured that G-Stacks replacement would work as hard as it could to fill G-Stacks shoes, even though G-Stack had no feet.
Today the world morns....


Darth Rob said...

I'm waiting for someone to make a video of the Geico Gecko having intimate relations with Erin Esurance.

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