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Threat of Public Nude Body Search Speeds Up Lines at Airport

Luggage with liquids, metal jewelry, forgetting to remove a laptop or DVD player from a carry on, and sharp objects in people’s pockets are just a few of the items that travelers carry that slow down security lines and delay flights.

Although every airport has posting and video's of what you can and can't carry on, as well as the procedures to follow while going through security, hundreds of people disregard these rules and slow down lines and delay flights.

It seems that no matter what these airports do or say many people just don't pay attention.

Until now.

Several airports in Europe have taken on an extreme method to get people to better prepare for their flights and this method has proven extremely successful.

If a passenger puts an object through the x-ray scanner that shouldn't, or after a second trip through the metal detector, the individual is brought over to the search area and told to remove their clothing down to their underwear for a search. The catch is that the area where the passengers have to remove their clothing is not private and viewable by all in the security area. Some airports have admitted to hiring people to purposely fail the security line process and get strip searched just to show they are serious. The results have been amazing. Security lines are moving much quicker and the number of delayed flights because of passenger slowdowns has dropped to almost zero.
“People need to spend a little more time understanding that we live in a society. Things that they do, or don’t do, can have a trickledown effect that can disrupt thousands of lives. Hopefully this procedure has an effect that will spread beyond the airport walls.”


on the edge said...

Hum . Another reason why I don't travel anymore .

Darth Rob said...

Just imagine the line to get strip searched in San Francisco.

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