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Adopted Rabbit Searches Blood Line - Proves Easter Bunny Is Dad

Billy Bunny's story was an old story but not a new story. Similar to the thousands of adopted and orphaned bunnies that are scattered across the world Billy didn't know who his parents were. In Billy's case he wasn't even certain who his cousins were, even though Bunny History told him he probably had hundreds if not thousands of cousins and half brothers and sisters.

Billy was born an orphan.

He was discovered wrapped gently in a cabbage leaf, pink and adorable resting quietly in front of a bunny orphanage. Although there were hundreds of new born bunnies present, something about Billy was very unique and he was adopted almost immediately.

Billy was very fortunate to have been adopted by a caring and loving family and was raised privileged, but he always felt the need to search out his "real" parents and when he was of age he set out.

Billy was exceptionally bright and used his skills to find his parents by using blood tests. Every bunny he met he would draw blood and test it. It didn't take him long to discover a cousin and from there all of the pieces began to fall into place. After several days he found what he was looking for and what he discovered was not like anything he could have predicted as his father was none other then the Easter Bunny.

"He could be mine" said the Easter Bunny during a phone interview, "Although most of my children go on an assist me at Easter. I have thousands of children and hundreds of mates...that's right, I said hundreds! If he is mine there is no way I will be able to identify who his mother is!" said the Easter Bunny. "Each mate is supposed to venture off before giving birth and they are responsible to take the children and teach them the skills of the trade. Hiding & coloring eggs, filling baskets, walking in parades etc. Then during the Easter season they help. I would love to be everywhere at once but who do you think I am? Santa! If he is mine his abandonment is not my fault, although if he's looking for a job I suppose I could find him something"

Billy was very discouraged by the Easter Bunny's comments and decided that meeting him was not in his best interest. Even though his blood line guaranties him a fruitful life and being an Easter Bunny is every bunnies dream he felt his destiny was elsewhere.

Billy's story quickly spread through the bunny world and he was approached by many who felt sorry for him. Billy was flattered by all of the attention he received and it wasn't until he was approached by the next most famous bunny when he realized his destiny.


Darth Rob said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Darth Rob said...

Oops! Great Story. Happy Easter to you and yours. God Bless.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Thanks Rob - Happy Easter to you as well.

The Acorn King said...

Could have been worse, the Donnie Darko rabbit could have been his pops.

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