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Streaker at Augusta Removes Tiger's Ball From Fairway - With His Butt Cheeks

The Master's tradition is like no other in the golf world. Tradition, pride, history....and now streakers. But outside of the norm this streaker did not just "streak" across the playing field; no, this streaker strategically positioned himself in the area where a perfect drive from one of the golfer, specifically Tiger Woods, would land. Woods, being the most followed golfer on the course would have cameras on his every shot. On the par 5, 530 yard 15th hole Woods hit a perfect and long tee shot. As the cameras followed Woods' shot at the precise moment the ball stopped the streaker had already begun his run.

The tee shot came to a halt just as the streaker reached Woods' ball. The man then squatted over the ball and sat and then rose quickly with the ball sandwiched between is buttocks and ran off of the fairway.

While most stared at the streaker in shock one man had the courage to tackle this man as he darted into the crowd. He tackled the streaker by the ankles sending the man quickly to the ground with extreme force. The golf ball became dislodged from between the man's cheeks, deflected off of a bystanders metal leg of his folding chair and rolled gently onto the fairway approximately 35 yards further down the fairway than the original drive. The man was quickly removed by Augusta security and play continued.

Tour rules have no ruling for such an event and after a lengthy discussion by officials Woods was required to play the ball where it lyes. Woods protested that he should be allowed to change his ball and have his next shot from the area of the original spot but his request was overruled. If he changed his ball Woods would receive a one stroke penalty. Even after the examination of the ball revealed a "skid mark" no overturning of the rule would be allowed. Woods stood in amazement but after a few minutes Woods addressed the ball and hit a beautiful drive that set him up for an Eagle putt.

Woods, obviously distracted by the event birdied the hole and was only then allowed to use a new ball.


Darth Rob said...

Please tell me this ones a true story. It is too good. I bet they make a "skidmark" rule.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Sorry Rob - as always the story is fiction.

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