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Tired of Junk Mail in Your Mailbox? Group Fights Back!

"Recycle....recycle....recycle....bill...recycle." This is the typical out loud discussion that millions of Americans have between themselves and their mail. Thousands of hours are spent each year opening mail to only find out it's junk, or immediately ripping and recycling (or throwing away, depending on the State you live in) because the envelope is a give-away that the content is of no interest.

There is probably no way to ever end the endless train that is junk mail, primarily because a lot of these junk mail distributors and using a name with the subheading stating "Or Current Resident". If you ever ask for a company to stop sending you junk mail, it doesn't stop that company from selling their list of names and addresses to whoever asks, and more junk mail piles up.

Recently a group of people got together to fight back!

The group (named The Junk Mail Bandits) decided as a whole that they would open every piece of junk mail that they received, and any letters that had return envelopes with prepaid postage would be immediately put in the mailbox. "They are wasting my time by sending this to me and I never asked for it" said the groups leader, Jon Potter. "Especially Capitol One! I get two, sometimes three pieces of junk mail from them a day! So I send back the return postage-paid envelope empty; other times I will put the items they sent me right back to them. Make them pay the postage! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!"

What started out as a group of 5 has now escalated to an unknown number as many who are not affiliated with the group have also began the return mail.

"It's kind of fun." said one person who wished to remain anonymous. "I don't find opening the junk mail is a waste of my time anymore. I actually look forward to it."

It is unknown how this is affecting the junk mail companies, but one can hope that the outcome could reduce the number of junk letters being sent.


Darth Rob said...

Wow, that is exactly what my step father in law has been doing for months now, he goes as far as putting stuff in the envelopes, expired coupons, dead leaves, cigarette butts, junk mail from other places. It's hilarious. Nice post.

LOBO said...

Abbie Hoffman cited returning "Postage Guaranteed" junk mail attached to cinderblocks.

An “undiluted” copy of Steal this Book circa 1971 is still a classic.

Darth Rob said...

I have the ebook!

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - Great stuff. I love the "dead leaves and cig butts".

LOBO - Never heard of it. I will check it out. Thanks.

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