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Rogue Custodian Places Toilet Paper rolls on “Both Ways”

It’s a typical argument that has plagued mankind since the invention of the toilet. Which way should the toilet paper roll? Over the top or down the back? Fist fights over this debate are reported coast to coast; but not at the Springfield, Wisconsin shoe-lace factory.

Enter Dusty Featherman….custodian.

“From the day I hired him I knew he was meant for greatness” said his employer Dave Lace. "He beat out two other candidates because he showed talent outside of the norm for custodial employees.”

So what makes Featherman so unique? He has developed a system that removes the frustration many have upon entering a stall. Whether you remove your toilet paper at the beginning or end or your business, which way the paper rolls will never be a concern as long as Featherman is on the job.
"I would always check the stall to see which way the paper faced!" said one female employee. "I was fired from my last job because I broke the stupid paper holder because I needed to turn the toilet paper roll around! I love Dusty's's genius! I about never worry about the toilet paper anymore!"

Featherman told us, “On occasion there have been lines on one stall when another is available! Sometimes I spend my lunch hour in there just to watch! It's incredible!”

Each stall has a picture on the outer door of which way the toilet paper in the stall rolls. so Featherman’s customers have a heads-up prior to entrance. Not only does this forewarn the user but it also creates great conversation.


Darth Rob said...

Personally I prefer it roll of the front. That guy is a genius.

ImageLuv Funny said...

I have no special preference but if there are signages telling us which way it is going to come out, I do appreciate them going the extra mile.

Thumbs up to Featherman.

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Kim said...

As a woman I love the graphic's - something to look at while waiting in the queue

Jenn Karson said...

I had no idea this controversy was so widespread.

On another note, I think the Brain Twinkey would be a wonderful presence on twitter.


Courtney Rae said...

This is quite funny! And I thought I was the only one who ever had a preference.

Allie said...

Haha! This is great! I personally prefer the "over-the-top" orientation. It just feels right.

Buy Generic Viagra said...

wait a that place you can choose between two kinds of toilet paper? this is totally nonsense, I mean what is the difference between paper? in the end all the paper will going to the same place.

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