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William Shatner Upset at New Star Trek Movie: Doesn’t Remember It Ever Happening.

Los Angeles, CA (BTZNEWS) - The much anticipated and very risky release of a new Star Trek movie prequel opened last weekend to rave reviews and over $50 Million dollars in ticket sales. For many this was a relief as Star Trek fans worried about the change as no Star Trek Movie had ever been released without a series first, and a prequel is always a tough sell. A movie about a young Captain Kirk and his crew had high expectations and the results did not disappoint.
The movie will surely continue its success and may spark a whole new series of films that will excite and thrill Star Trek fans worldwide………well all except one.

William Shatner (the original Captain Kirk) was invited to the movie release, as were all other living cast members from every Star Trek cast. At any Star Trek gathering William Shatner’s presence is always a thrill to all who attend. His post movie interview had him praising the film but his latest blog entry has many scratching their heads and wondering how Shatner’s mental condition is holding up.

He wrote, “As I sat and watched this film I was confused. The actor who was playing me did a nice job, but there was not one thing that happened that I can ever remember happening! I don’t know who the writers spoke to but they surely didn’t get any of these details from me. I’m also pretty sure my dad died in a hospital not in space. And dammit Bones, I am a McGill man …I don’t remember any academy.”

Shatner has also been seen recently wearing his gold Captains shirt from the early years of Star Trek and in one instance attacked a man dressed up as a white gorilla. It was assumed Shatner had mistaken the costume for the "Mugato", a sort of white, horned gorilla with poison fangs, from the 1966 Episode: A Private Little War.

Whatever is happening it is fairly obvious Shatner has crossed over to a place where his Star Trek life and reality are as one. If T.J. Hooker makes an appearance don’t be surprised if you are driving in L.A. and see Shatner in a police officer’s uniform riding on the hood of a speeding car.

Keep your phaser on stun and Live Long and Prosper, Captain..…Live Long and Prosper.


Darth Rob said...

If you have a Star Trek life, who needs a reality? I admire Admiral Kirk, he is a great leader and can solve almost any problem with an alien chick and the tricorder in his pants. I love the guy, in all reality, Shatner is king.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - I once again have to agree with you. Shatner is the man.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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