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Six Year Old Scratches Back-Side – Doesn’t Smell Finger

As the school year is in full swing and everyone, students and teachers alike, adjust to all that is new. There are several things that always remain a constant during the school year: kids will run in the hall, use profanity when adults are not listening, fight, cry, say mean things, eat boogers and above all if a child scratches there rear-end they surely will take a sniff! It's normal and just accepted as a fact of life and childhood. This is not the case in the north east corner in the state of Vermont.

Small towns are in abundance in this region of the world and some schools from K-12 max out at 150 students. In Mrs. McDonald’s first grade class an unlikely event occurred and word quickly spread through this small town and now the world . “First graders scratch and sniff” a candid McDonald said. “I’ve been a first grade teacher for 27 years and I have never seen a child of this age group not take a post scratch sniff. They eat nose boogers, pick scabs, lick their fingers and stick the finger in their friend’s ears and more! I love these kids but they gross me out daily.”

On the day in question six year old Jeremy Danielson was playing outside during recess. “He ran right by me, stopped, took a deep scratch in his back side and then continued to play…..ya, no sniff!” McDonald said. “Once I realized what happened I called the boy over to see if he was feeling okay. He said he was fine and gave me a courtesy sniff but I wasn’t buying it.”

McDonald said that at first she put it behind her, but in a conversation in the teacher’s lounge later in the day several other teachers were concerned. Principal Gardner chimed in on the incident. “There are just some things that never change. Maybe this is a sign of things to come but for right now we are a little shocked.” Gardner did phone the child’s parents and for now no action will come as a result of the incident. “Hopefully things will go back to normal.” Gardner ended,” We didn’t want out little town to get put on the map because of this type of incident. Similar to Jeremy’s finger, the whole thing stinks!”


Anonymous said...


Sorcerer said...

good posts

The Brain Twinkey said...

Sorcerer - thanks for stopping by!


Drew said...

Hmmm. This kid might be an idiot if he doesn't smell his finger. I could show him the right thing to do by bringing him to a drug rehab where people can't stop sticking their finger in their own asses and taking a deep inhale.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Drew - interesting thought. Might be something we all can learn from....

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