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The Brain Twinkey Weekly 8 - VOL1

Eight new random thoughts I would like to share each week. Enjoy.

1. Don't try and peel an orange after you have sliced it up! It's messy.

2. Randomly putting a chicken into a conversation when talking to my children is fun!

3. Work to live, don't live to work.

4. If there is a fly on your ceiling, fill a wide glass with sudsy water and approach the fly slowly from directly below it. You will catch it every time...I swear!

5. Doing ten minutes of research to read reviews and look at other prices before I make any internet purchases has saved me a lot of money.

6. Try and take a solo walk whenever possible, even if it's only for a few minutes.

7. Eat a cookie.

8. Don't drink soda, or pop or cola (or whatever you call it) in the morning. It's like putting ten teaspoons of sugar in a cup of coffee!


video of the week

Letterman Works at McD's

what is a brain twinkey?

what is a brain twinkey?
1. Brain Twinkey (noun) (Brein-Twink-ee) 1. One with a cream-filled cranium 2. To live life in a land of Golden Sponge Cake 3. To be good at making shit up.

internet treasure chest

internet treasure chest
The one and only "Crazy Harry"
MIT Signs Challenge Students

The MIT campus has all new signs that challenge the students math skills in a variety of ways using math equations and problems. Although its amusing to students the community has protested as many have been receiving speeding tickets. Many claim that although that they live near MIT that doesn't mean they are good at math. Local police officers disagree and claim the public should just x*x + 2x - 35 = 0 and solve for x.


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Unless quoted or noted all entries are fictional. No harm or disrespect is meant just good old fashion fun! Enjoy!

cool stuff!

cool stuff!
Stare at the dot in the center of the circle and then move your head closer to it.