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The Flight Attendant Nazi!

Many of us have heard of the Soup Nazi, but not so many have had the pleasure of meeting the Flight Attendant Nazi! He lurks down the isles, unknowing to his prey. The seat has yet to be put in its upright and locked position as the plane has begun to move. The attack it quick and abrupt and the seat is now straight. Anger will only create a situation that you cannot win.

Victim number two: His jacket lay neatly across his lap: The announcement clearly stated all items must be stowed, but this seasoned flyer knows his jacket can remain. What he doesn't realize is the Flight Attendant Nazi lives the rules and there are no exceptions. The jacket will be stowed.

I recently became acquainted with this attendant. On each flight I unpack my headphones and iPod as well as a book. I place my headphones and iPod in the seat pocket and will either read my book during take-off or hold it in my lap. Not on this flight! I was sternly told that everything must be packed up until 10,000 feet. Although this is excessive, no argument would be won by me. Upset but remaining quiet I placed my items in my carry-on bag and stowed it under the seat in front of me.

One passenger decided that he wasn't going to oblige. This was a mistake as the Flight Attendant Nazi spoke to him like he was a child, quoting the handbook on the rules of flight and safety. If he wanted to take it up with the Captain he could very easily stop the flight and have the gentleman removed. Control over all passengers is his way of life and those who try to rise against his power will always lose.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, these fussy little men finally get some power and are going to use it!

Anonymous said...

Well the f/a is the one who can be personally fined up to $10,000 by FAA if they are seen not to be enforcing the rules...

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