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Flight Continues with Broken Armrest

It was a routine flight. The passengers boarded the plane and took their seats in an orderly fashion. The flight attendants went through their safety routine, the cabin door was shut and the plane taxied and took off. Not one person noticed the armrest on seat 14a.
The plane was an Embrair Class jet where the left side of the plane was a single row of seats. This made seat 14a a window and an aisle seat, normally a luxury; this time a potential hazard.
The passenger not taking notice of this prior to take off could have averted a potential disaster if he had paid attention before dozing off.
The problem with the armrest on seat 14a was almost unimaginable in this day and age. With all of the technology we have at out disposal you would hope nothing like this would ever happen. The armrest at seat 14a was that it was missing completely appearing as if someone had purposely removed it! The unknowing passenger in 14a who was so peacefully at rest was in serious jeopardy if he swayed ever so slightly to his right potentially falling into the aisle and disrupting the in-flight routine.
Just in front of seat 14a (seat 13a) a passenger attempting to activate his reading lamp was shocked to find that not only did the light not work, it was missing completely! If the reaction had been anything but that of calmness and discipline it is unknown what type of affect this could have had on the passenger in 14a. With the right set of circumstances one of about a thousand scenarios could have taken place. Luckily the flight continued without disruption and the plane landed safely at Dulles International airport. The plane was sent for immediate repair and it is unknown when it will be re-commissioned.


Anonymous said...

BT, it's not unusual for an armrest to be removed in the event of a passenger that is beyond normal proportions. And, lets face it there are more and more of those these days.


The Brain Twinkey said...

Ah yes - very true. Although I find it funnier to think it was some kind of plot or conspiracy against the airlines....


Anonymous said...



Darth Rob said...
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