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Japanese Whalers Admit Their Job Sucks

Since the 17th Century Whaling has been a huge part of the Japanese culture. Even with the rest of the world against the hunt and many organizations struggling to save the whales to keep them from extinction, the Japanese embrace the fact that they have all of the whales to themselves and keep on killing.

Until recently most of the world labeled these hunters as evil and inhumane (which they are), until recent research found that most whalers are listed as unemployed with no other options.

"私はお金を必要とする" said Xi Jun, a whaler for the last six months. He finished by saying, "私はクジラを殺さなければならない"

Several Whalers that we spoke to admitted that whaling was a horrible way to make a living and they should all be struck down with a bolt of lightning and burned to a crisp. Although in their country whaling is considered honest work, and honest work translates to 正直な支払. Our response to this was mature and very well thought out;

"Translate this murderers!"

We were very surprised when speaking to one whaler who wanted to remain anonymous but had something interesting to say. To say the least he was of the funniest yet most insightful men we have ever spoken to. He said "ゾーンに続きなさい! より多くのtwinkiesを食べなさい!"

Life has never seemed so simple.


Anonymous said...

BT, great post, backs up mine on Tomus


The Brain Twinkey said...

AV - I don't know if I read that one. Can you copy me the link?


Anonymous said...

Sure, no probs


Darth Rob said...

Those guys gotta feed their families just like the rest of us. It just so happens that they're job skills are whaling. Why are we saving the whales anyway, are they recyclable?

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