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New 4 Light Traffic Light Experiment a Success or Failure?

Over the next couple of years the 3-light traffic light system as we know it today may come to an end. Enter the 4-light traffic light system introducing the new "Orange" light. Not only will the new lights have 4 colors, but the traditional green to yellow to red order (which will now be green to yellow to orange to red) will also be reversed. "It's like being at the start line of a drag race!" said one excited driver. "I'm not one for speeding off the start line, but it actually adds excitement to waiting at the red light." What he is referring to is the new reverse light sequence. While waiting at the red light the stopped traffic will see the orange light appear, then the yellow and then the green. The green light traffic will show green then yellow then orange then red.

"In our test cities we have already noticed a decrease in traffic light accidents." says the experiments founder, Sharon A. Burger. "If this new light structure passes I think we will see a significant change in how we drive not just around the country but maybe the world!"

The latest research that was made public a few days after the initial interviews has cast a shadow over the proposed system. Speeding tickets have increased in the test area, specifically around the new lights. Officer Mike Rotch explains. "Engines are being revved at these lights by a good percentage of the teen and early twenty drivers; almost like they are getting ready for a race. You can notice skid marks at almost all of the new lights because drivers are accelerating quickly and in some instances spinning their tires."

There have also been a number of drag races reported at these lights and a few accidents resulting. With this news Burger is a very disappointed. "The scenario had come up in our initial discussions but we didn't think there would be so many instance. It's like everyone thinks they are Mario Andretti; I just can't believe this!"

Although disappointed Burger wasn't going to give up. "It's obvious the initial excitement has caused a few instances that are regrettable. We still feel that this can be successful and we hope that our next test area people will have a little more restraint and realize this is for their safety, not entertainment."


Anonymous said...

"Sharon A. Burger" I get it. That's funny!

Anonymous said...

BT - check out Nether region II, the last post for today. You have won a topiqw award... LOL


Chiara said...

So what's the other light for?

The Brain Twinkey said...

AV - I'm thrilled! Already have the award posted!


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