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News Flash! Telemarketers Get Hung Up On - Research Unreliable.

They call you at dinner time. They call when you are putting the children to bed. They call just when you are heading into the bathroom. You rush to the phone to see "UNKNOWN" flash up on the caller ID. Is it them or is it important call? You answer the phone but no one is there. You say "hello" again and a second later the voice says, "Is Mr. Jones home please" and you instantly know who it is. The dreaded telemarketer.
With new technology telemarketers now have computers dial for them and they just await the answer of the recipient. People are more and more aware of the silence on the other end of the and most just hang up. The Do Not Call List idea seems to have gone the way of the Do-Do but at the least there is some warning when the calls come in.

So who are the people who actually talk to the telemarketers and how reliable is the research?

One telemarketer spoke to us and said that 950 calls are placed on the average by each employee everyday, and he says he speaks to half but is hung up on by 97% of the time. Out of the 3% who answer 2% don't even make it by the setup question. "We have two questions we ask that can determine if the person who has answered the phone is really honest or just desperate to talk to someone." says Bob Dover, "Although, even if they answer the setup questions wrong we still keep them on the phone....just for fun! That's my favorite part of the day."

Many telemarketers say they actually enjoy disrupting peoples lives and laugh often by the remarks that people make. "I am writing a book" says one of the female telemarketers, "You won't believe what some people say! I just love it!"

The most startling piece of information is that most of the marketing that is done by telemarketers is unreliable and the agencies know this. Dover added, "It's part of what America is (telemarketing). Everyone knows what we are and what we do and this country would lose part of it's character if telemarketing went away." He than finished by saying, "We'll keep on doing it just to keep this country alive. Telemarketing is a way of's what America is built on."


Anonymous said...

I just tell them to stop wasting my time; although the verb is accentuated with an adverbial F word and the noun is qualified by a similarly adjectival F word and then I tell them to varypyh off and hang up.


The Brain Twinkey said...

Most of the time I hang up but it can be therapeutic too if the timing is right; as you say "tell them to vartpyh off"!

HektikLyfe said...

I can't stand them but it really does feel good to cut them off or be rude to them. Sucks to have that job though.

The Brain Twinkey said...

As Judge Smails once said, "The world needs ditch diggers too!"

Anonymous said...

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