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Bristol Palin's Neighbors Cousins First Grade Substitute Teacher's Dog Trainer ARRESTED!

Another blow to Governor Palin's bid for run at the Presidency in 2012 has come to light due to another shady association. It seems that once again the Palin family can't shake the bad publicity, this time because Bristol Palin's neighbors cousins first grade substitute teacher's dog trainer was recently arrested. This was the dog trainers thrid offence for off-leash training in a public park where leash-laws are labeled and enforced. The arrest comes off the states three-strike rule.
"The Palin's just can't catch a break and Sarah really feels she could make a run in 2012" says one insider. "She (Palin) has to realize that her life is still an open book and if she continues to have dark stories from her past, or current associations with "shady" folks it's better to just stop now."

There has been no statement from the Palin Camp but it has to be assumed the news isn't being taken lightly. "Sarah is a perfectionist. Her hair, clothes (borrowed or owned), home; she has to have everything perfect. If it's not perfect she will convince you that it is." Says a former employee of the Governor, "she sure is a good talker."

If a run at the Presidency is in her future Palin really needs to get a grasp of the information that may arise, even more so then her run at the Vice Presidency. An investigator for the Democratic Party says, "Everything is fair-game. If it's out there we will find it, and if she really wants to do this (run for President) then she better turn over all her stones and be prepared to answer."


HektikLyfe said...



I would vote for geriatric Clinton before Palin. I got a really weird vibe from her. Seems like she would be a nice teacher, but not a president.

The Brain Twinkey said...

I don't even think I would want her as a teacher. I am mostly annoyed and irritated by her. Too oky-dokie for me.

Marcy said...

Ah Palin. Still making us laugh.

She'd make a good talk show host or hosting those infomericals.

Anonymous said...

Poor girl can't seem to make the right moves...

Merry Christmas to you and yours, and to all the hangers-about here.


The Brain Twinkey said...

AV - same to you. Have a nice holiday!

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