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Drunk Santa Steals Reindeer - Delivers Gifts

It was a picture-perfect day for Santa to make his Holiday entrance. The temperature was just right, the snow was gently falling and Christmas music was being piped gently through hidden speakers strategically placed all around the small park. Children of all ages were gathering for the evening arrival of Jolly Old St. Nick.
The smallest awaited for him anxiously, many preparing their wish lists and gathering up the courage to sit on the big guys lap.

Finally he arrived! Walking through the crowd with a giant sack thrown over his shoulder. He was waving and bellowing a "Ho! Ho! Ho!" to all. Many cheered and children stood on their tip-toes to see the man in red.

Not one person realized that this Santa was an impostor.

Earlier in the day Earnie Binkens was sitting at his local pub drinking with a few friends. Binkens had lost his job and was feeling down. Someone suggested that giving presents, no matter how small, could be therapeutic and maybe that was something he should consider. After several more drinks Binkens mind wandered and without notice he arose from his seat and quickly left the bar.

As he was walking around he noticed a Santa Suit hanging on the outside of a trailer in a make-shift tree lot. He grabbed the suit and ran.

As Binkens walked by the children waving he noticed a fenced in area that had a few reindeer. He once worked in a rodeo and this gave him an idea. There was a tiny sleigh that had a fake Santa and elves sitting in it. He very gently removed them and dragged the sleigh into the fenced in area, took a rope and attached it to the reindeer's reigns. Then with a smile and wink to the children he yelled "ON BLITZEN!" which startled the reindeer and the deer began to pull the sleigh. Binken's yelled out "Merry Christmas" over and over again, and began to throw out small presents that he had in his Santa sack. He disappeared into the night among cheers and laughter.
The scene was enjoyed by all.

It wasn't for a couple of hours until everything had been put together by park officials and the police. They immediately put out a search for Santa and his sleigh.

Binken's was found several miles away still being pulled by the reindeer and shouting "Merry Christmas" to everyone he saw. He was immediately arrested and the Santa Suit and the reindeer were returned unharmed.


Anonymous said...

He may have been an imposter, he may have been drunk, but I bet he gave some people (inc little ones) a Christmas they'll never forget.


Darth Rob said...

I've always thought the "Real Santa" had to be a drunk anyway. Who else would attempt to give gifts to everyone all over the world in one night. Not to mention how wasted you'd have to be to think that red suit was cool.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ Darth


The Brain Twinkey said...

Yes Rob - once again you break it down so well!

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