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Stoners Refuse to Take Effexor Because of Reported 'Joint' Issue

Effexor is a very common antidepressant that is prescribed for depressive disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and social anxiety disorder and has been a miracle drug for thousands of sufferers. This is not the case for Carl Spackler.
Spackler and many others who have been diagnosed with one of the disorders Effexor remedies, have opted against taking the drug. Why? Because one the major side effects is reported to give users problems with their joints.
"I said no way man! My joints are my life" Spackler explained. "If I have problems with my joints I can't function. I read somewhere that some dude said after taking Effexor his joints made him walk around feeling like he was ninety and the dude was in his fifties!" He continued, "I admit sometimes my joints make me want to sit around the house just watchin' reruns of Welcome Back Kotter; oh that Vinnie Barbarino...I love that dude. Wait, what was I taking about? Oh yeah, my joints! But wanting to sit around doesn't mean I want to feel old."
Several hundred men and women who were also against the drug because of this side effect had similar reasons.
Dr. Jeremiah Feelgood disagrees with the patients. "Depressions and anxiety are serious problems. They can lead people down roads that have no return and even death. We can help these people and the unfortunate pain side effect can be remedied as well. I admit that the side effect is unfortunate but with proper therapy we can help. It's more important to get the mind well. The body will follow."
Spakler's response was a little surprising, "Whoa! Some people's joints make their bodies hurt? That's bogus, man. My joints make my body and mind feel so good and so relaxed. I put on some tunes and just chill. I might be depressed but at least I feel good."
After the last comment made by Spakler it was realized there was a dreadful miscommunication between doctors and many patients. When the realization came to light, that this certain group wasn't referring to their body joints but the joints that are rolled and filled with cannabis, diagnoses were immediately changed. Many of the people that had the depression misdiagnosis had their charts rewritten and changed to 'possible drug addiction'.
"We should have realized something was wrong when most of the complaining individuals were also the ones whose diets were out of control." Dr. Feelgood explained. "If you look in their files they were all categorized as 'severe snackers, and until now we thought that was the connection. I can't believe we all missed this."
Most cases have been withdrawn from the Effexor group and their cases transferred. Upon the realization that they were not depressed all the time just stoned, most of them went back to their lives as web designers and pizza deliverers. Although there was a small percentage of the group that were admitted to rehab with an Effexor addiction.


Darth Rob said...

Love the Vinnie Barbarino reference.

Check out this blog:

HektikLyfe said...

Sometimes I try to avoid using even Advil...

on the edge said...

Joints can hurt too , it is just a matter of prospective , lol !And what is more depressing than your joints causing you grief when you have the munchies ?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Something similar occurs with me when I .

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