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Eight Year Old Create's Record Size "Booger Ball".

Mittsburgh, OK – Yes folks, it’s that time of year again. The time of year when children ages 6-15 gather in a central location here in the United States for the annual “Gross Me Out Awards”. This is where children are free to put together something that will gross out a panel of judges. The winner will be someone who obviously can gross the panel out the most.

All who enter have their ideas submitted to a committee who then validate that whatever the child is going to do is safe. The idea is to have some fun and to not endanger any contestants so being creative is also essential.

This year’s winner goes to young eight year old Dudley Dawson of Meauwcus, RI. Since Dudley first heard of this competition two years ago he began creating a “Booger Ball” in hopes of winning the award.

In a private exhibit hall the committee went through all of the contestants to choose the top three to meet with the judges and the committee were very impressed with Dawson’s creation. Not only had he collected all his “boogers” for the last two years, he also documented each one and how it was removed (index finger and pinkie finger were his more popular methods), also when and where. Several were removed from a kleenex after a sneeze and even some had to be placed in his pocket if removed away from home. But what was most noticeable was the care that was taken for his “Booger Ball”. Dawson created a glass case with similar traits of a humidor, so not only was the Booger Ball disgusting, it was also moist!

When Dawson went before the judges he gracefully walked up to the judges table with a very professional and serious look upon his face. He turned the glass case so the judges cold inspect all sides. He then set the case down on the table and removed two latex gloves from his pocket and stretched them over his extended fingers. Dawson then lifted the ball off of the table and demonstrated the moistness by gently squishing it between his fingers. Then Dawson slowly removed one hand from his Booger Ball demonstrating to the judges the long strings of wet mucus that now extended from the ball to his removed hand. Each judge sat there with mouths open in awe of the demonstration, and although it was apparent that Dawson was going to win the competition he did something that would not leave doubt in anyone’s mind. Yes, that's right....he took a bite.


Marcy said...

First reaction -- EW! Gross!

But now I'm wondering how he kept it so moist. It's awfully dry in the winer. Amazing...

Sounds like something my son will do when he gets older.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Kids as you know are quite creative so when they put thier mind to it anything is possible. Keeping the ball moist was a top priority and failure was not an option.

Darth Rob said...

Delightfully disgusting!

on the edge said...

I am gagging here ! Gross !

Edward Harrison Ringo said...

This is a hoax-- Dudley Dawson is the name of the 'Booger' character in the Revenge of the Nerds series.

Nice try.

The Brain Twinkey said...

E.H.R. - Well played. No one else picked up on the Dudly Dawson reference, although many of my readers are familiar that all my posts are fiction....

Anonymous said...

Pardon me, do you have any

fresh said...

not to mention "meawecus," RI

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