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Phelps to A-Rod - "THANK YOU!"

Question: How can you take the record holder for all Gold Medals in a single Olympics as well as all time off of the front page of every newspaper across the world after a photo of him taking a bong-hit has been leaked? Have A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees) admit to taking PED's (Performance Enhancing Drugs) after his name was leaked from a test that was taken in 2003 that was supposed to be anonymous. What are the odds of that happening, and happening at the most ideal time for Phelps? A billion to one!
Phelps reportedly is going to give one of his Gold Medals to Rodriguez as thanks. Never in his (Phelps) wildest thoughts could he have come up with this. Phelps told friends he had been sitting at home trying to figure out ways to get himself and that picture off of the front pages and covers of newspapers and magazines. When nothing came to mind Phelps began praying for a natural disaster or a high profile murder or celebrity drug bust, anything! It would take something catastrophic for his story to disappear.

Phelps was brought into an emergency room just after the news of A-Rod first hit as Phelps cracked his head on his ceiling after jumping for joy and disbelief. Although it wasn't that head-wound that brought him to the hospital. Phelps fell off his couch and hit his head again when A-Rod did his interview with Peter Gammon's and admitted his PED use.
While in the hospital Phelps watched when the President of the United States was asked about A-Rod and steroids during his first Prime Time speech as President. He instantly went into cardiac arrest but recovered almost instantly, probably realizing that the heat on him has all but passed.
Let's just hope for Phelps that if he ever took PED's he never gets caught.


Darth Rob said...

In my humble opinion, I feel that we should allow athletes to use P.E.Ds, why not, if they want to be a great athlete at the cost of their health we should let em. Who are we to tell him/her that they cant screw up their health to be superstars. Freedom the Real Thing.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Maybe create two leagues. MLB and MLB EXTREME!!

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