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Facebook’s Demise will Leave Millions “Friendless”.

Defining the word friend: - Friend (noun)- a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard.
Facebook.comFriend (noun) – Someone who clicks “Accept Friend” when a “Friend Request” is made by any one of the millions of cyber- soles with a Facebook account.

Millions of people from around the world have used social networking, mostly to not only find long lost friends but to also create new relationships. As Facebooks popularity grew, so did these so called “friends” that many were gaining and adding to their profiles. The only difference was that over 90% of all Facebook accounts contain “friends” who individuals have never met or even spoken to, taking the word "friend" and giving it a twist. Most Facebookers do have several of their real friends (‘friends’ being the definition from above) listed in their Facebook friends list, but many social outcasts will tell you they have never met most of, if any of their Facebook friends except in chat. They can't even tell you if the Facebook photo is real.

Even celebrities have Facebook pages with thousands of friends listed but most, if not all of those so called “friends” have never seen this person except in the tabloids or Silver Screen.

Some Facebookers have been known to even create an alter-ego, basically creating a non-existent person and giving them a personality. You can find many of these so called Fakebookers listed as friends to many, solidifying the word 'friend's definition demise. The word 'friend' is now literally in transformation.

So what happens when Facebook finally shuts down their servers and locks their office doors? Will another social networking site take its place? Will all of Facebook Nation be able to contact their Facebook friends ever again? It could be mass hysteria with thousands attempting to gather new email addresses and other non-Facebook methods of communication.

But where will you go? It’s unlikely that every one of your Facebook friends will cyber-travel to the same location as you. So who are your real friends? Do you really have any? Will any of your Facebook friends follow you or allow you to follow them?

Will you become friendless?

The demise of Facebook could be just the turn of luck the word “friend” is looking for. Where a friend is actually someone who you know and have spoken to before. Maybe even spent face-to-face time with or chatted with on the phone! Someone who understands you in the physical sense, not just words on a screen.

Yes! The word friend will then revert back to its original meaning and people will once again rejoice in this new, yet old form of communication! Then maybe, just maybe the faceless world will regain its form and we can embrace the physical world once again.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting point there.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Thanks for your anonymous reply. I really feel connected to you. Let's be Facebook friends!

Darth Rob said...

Facebook is a cool idea, stolen from myspace, but still a cool idea. For instance, if you had a bunch of "real life" friends and you wanted to stay in contact thru the web, great. But people use it as a status symbol. "I have 9000 friends, I am so popular" or your just deluded and gather friends to you so your sad and pathetic life wont feel so alone. I personally refuse to use any social networking site, the closest I come is blogger. My real friends see me everyday, they dont need a webpage to interface with me.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - once again you and I agree

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