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Mardi Gras Promotes New Motto - "Show Us Your Pits!"

It shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that one of the most popular Mardi Gras traditions is for women to collect beaded necklaces by lifting their shirts, revealing a part of their anatomy that most men really enjoy viewing. This ritual usually starts with men yelling and pleading to the ladies, “Show us you t$@s!” After the women show their body to the anxious viewers the women are then showered with beaded necklaces. After a short time men quickly identify women with more beads then the normal Mardi Gras attendee and focus their request to them, although no woman is safe from the request. This has been going on for years.

Since Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans has been rebuilding and doing whatever they can to attract tourists and business. Mardi Gras is a huge draw and has been the building blocks over the last few years to the city's new growth. This year organizers are trying to clean up the event to hopefully attract tourists who would otherwise stay home.

This year’s motto for the Mardi Gras..... “Show us your pits.”

“We really think this will work!” says Mardi Gras organizer Dr. Acula. “It’s a funny twist to what people are used to and I’m sure it will be a hit.”

Several street artists are now promoting “Pit Paint”. This"Pit Paint" will be used for under-arm designs for display upon the new request. One clever artist has been practicing painting topless women in the under-arm area. “It’s the old with the new” he explains. "It's a great idea!"

Many of the 18-25 crowd are displeased and feel it’s destined to fail. “I’m not throwing beads at someone for showing me their armpit!” said Chris Ianni, an annual attendee of Mardi Gras. “That’s just gross! My beads will go to the topless and only the topless.”

Dr. Acula understands how the youth feels, but “’s what is best for the city and the event. It won’t stop people from flashing their bodies, but the threat of getting a ticket will hopefully clean up the event. Families bring in revenue and we want a family friendly event." The Doctor concluded, "Another great thing is that everyone is now on an even keel to get beads. Everyone has an armpit; not everyone has, well you know".


Darth Rob said...

Isnt getting more hotel room requests than you can fill enough for you New Orleans? You have to attract an even greater crowd. I think every city should have Mardi Gras, with the boobs in focus of course. We should just change the name to "Get Drunk and Look at T!ts Day!"

on the edge said...

Oh Pleaseeeee ! This is the Big Easy we are talking about here . Can you believe they would try to take the fun out of the Mardi Gras like this ?Boooo ! LOL !

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