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Kellogg's Embraces Michael Phelps - "We love Stoners"

Kellogg’s Corp. today made a surprising announcement that instead of firing Michael Phelps as most predicted they are embracing him changing their entire ad campaign.

Pedro De Pacas, President of Advertising for Kellogg’s explains, “We have always focused on families when producing our breakfast cereal and never really tapped into the “stoner” market. Frosted Flakes and Tony the Tiger were both the brainchild of one of our top engineers during an acid flashback so we feel Frosted Flakes has now comefull circle.“
De Pacas continued. “Angered at the quickness that regular Corn Flakes became soggy, he experimented on sticking sugar to the flakes one evening while he was hallucinating. Once the experiment was completed he ate them exclaiming, “They’re Great!” and looking at himself in the mirror scared himself silly as his refection looked like a cartoon tiger. The next evening while he was recovering he smoked some marijuna and proceeded to eat 7 bowls of his new creation.”

In recent studies Kellogg’s has also realized that even though their target market has been children there are more young adults eating Frosted Flakes. It seems in the pot smoking underworld Frosted Flakes is like the Filet Mignon of munchies. Phelps’s recent idiocy has opened the door to a market that until now has never been explored.

"We have been wating for this door to open." De Pacas says. “We understand that we could take a serious hit here (no pun intended) but we feel it’s worth a shot.”


Anonymous said...

Had me laughing, especially when I realised whot the picture was...


The Brain Twinkey said...

That's one of those images that has me chuckling while I'm making it.

Marcy said...

I love the "crunch away the munchies." That could be a slogan for many stoner munchie snacks.


The Brain Twinkey said...

Marcy- I agree. And although a Twinkie makes a fine "munchie" snack not even I would eat a crunchie twinkie, unless of course it was a fried twinkie..mmmmmmmmm

Anonymous said...

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Darth Rob said...

Ok I must've been ill when this happened. Did Michael Phelps get caught smoking weed? If so, awesome, Olympic Gold Medalist stoner. Finally someone to let the world know that stoners can be an important part of society. As for me, I favor AlphaBits. Rock On Phelps!

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - yes, that photo I put on the Frosted Flakes box is Phelps.

I'm a Lucky Charms guy but would never pass up Alphabits.

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