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Obama’s Overexcited SOH “Tinkle’s” During Speech.

President Obama gave another impressive and inspiring speech this past Tuesday (2/24/09) but the results he was looking for maybe overshadowed by the overexcited Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

Pelosi was noticeably excited by the spotlight and on many occasions rose to her feel with the spirit of a teenage cheerleader, leading the room in applause.

Time and time again Pelosi was first to her feet and several times she rose and clapped early, anticipating the President and what he was about to say, proving her allegiance.

After one particular statement The President verbalized regarding the nation’s children, Pelosi rose to her feet so quickly the camera was unable to keep her in the picture. What was most startling was what the camera caught the next time Pelosi rose:

Apparently Pelosi "tinkled" in her pants.

When asked about this the White House commented, "Obviously this is a prank of sorts and someone has Photo-Shopped this image to give the appearance of some kind of stain. Although cleaver it is very disrespectful"


Anonymous said...

When women "tinkle" it goes to the back, not the front. (Guys don't know this? You've heard of gravity?) She probably spilled her water.

Darth Rob said...

Anon is correct about the gravity issue, however it is far more fun to say she peed her pants. I hope she wears Depends at Obombs next big speech!

The Brain Twinkey said...

That of course is assuming that she was sitting when the "accdent" happened. I do beleive at one point she fell on the floor face-down with her legs up in the air. It happened very quickly but I'm certain if she was face down on the floor with her feet elevated and she peed from the excitement that the 'stain' would be in the correct location as the image shows.

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