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Bush to Write a Book on Important Decisions of Presidency – GW, You’re a Brain Twinkey

Former President George Bush is writing a book. This book will focus on 12 important decisions that the former President made. Bush was recently interviewed about the book.

GW – You’ve been Bain Twinkey’d!

GW – I am spending time on the book every day.

BrainTwinkey GW – Boy, writing sure is hard. But I think people misunderestimate me. Now if I could figure out how to turn on the computer I could stop using this ink and feather. Hey! What's this rubber chicken doing in my pants?

GW - My goal is to bring the reader inside the Oval Office for the most consequential moments of my personal and political life.

BrainTwinkey GW – Yup, that’s right….twelve important decisions. Big 12. The twelve-o-reeno. That’s a lot of thinking for 8 years. Most people thought I did nothing but this book will show in detail the 12 decisions I had to make. I had thirteen, but my editor didn’t think choosing between the filet and the rib-eye was a proper entry and it was only one paragraph anyway. I wonder if anyone caught me using the word consequential? Ya, that's a big word.

GW - I look forward to painting a vivid picture of the information I had, the principles I followed, and the decisions I made.

BrainTwinkey GW –I don’t literally mean that I am painting the book, although I really do enjoy finger painting.
It’s what they call a “play” on words. I know that can be complexicated for some to understand. Just know that I really don't intend on painting my book.
Either way, this book will go into so much detail on the decision process the world can now get firsthand the difficult and trying times that I had. The best thing about the book is that not only does it have pictures; I limited it to seventeen pages!


Darth Rob said...

I see, Dubya is trying to spin history to make everyone think he wasn't the worst president in American history.

Sidenote: I've noticed a new direction for the Brain Twinkey. No more fake stories?

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - just mixing it up a little. Fake stories are too much fun to write.

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what is a brain twinkey?
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