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New Ice Cream Flavor Causes Controversy - Ben & Jerry's Introduces "Bearded Clam" Flavor

Arriving in a freezer near you..maybe.

Ben & Jerry’s are under the microscope this week as they prepare to release their newest flavor. Ben & Jerry’s have been praised many times in the past for their clever and sometimes unusual flavor names; this time they may have gone too far. The newest flavor to hit the shelves is named, “Bearded Clam”, yes, we repeat, “Bearded Clam”.
Bearded Clam is made with their much anticipated release of the new, totally organic vanilla flavor that is darker then most vanilla flavors, resembling the color of a clam. The “Bearded Clam” flavor is the new vanilla ice cream with chunks of dark chocolate in the shape of tiny, little clams.

“Are people in that company totally insane!?” Do they realize what that means?” argued one confused customer.

What she is referring to is the name of the flavor. “Bearded Clam” also is used in the English language to describe a part of the female anatomy.

“I don’t find this funny at all” says C.Face of Bristol, Vermont. “Most of their [Ben & Jerry’s] ice cream have great names. I always praised them for their creativity. They have gone too far this time and I am boycotting their ice cream…no matter how good it tastes!”

Others find the new flavor name daring and amusing. “I love it! My new favorite thing is eating Bearded Clam! I even found a hair in mine and I didn’t care. It tasted so good what’s a hair or two!” exclaimed one excited individual who was part of the advanced taste screening.

The Ben & Jerry’s Company has remained mostly silent through the controversy, and as far as one can tell they are still planning to release the flavor. Ben & Jerry’s has only issued the following statement thus far:

We at Ben & Jerry’s create high quality ice cream products with great flavor and fun names. Some enjoy the names and the flavors and others do not. With the release of our newest flavor, “Bearded Clam” we expect the same kind of response. There will be people that enjoy eating Bearded Clam and there will be others who do not; maybe even find it disgusting. We accept that because that’s the way it is; it’s the American Way.


Anonymous said...

My life can only improve with more Bearded Clam flavor in it! I eagerly await the follow-up flavor...Queef.

Anonymous said...

BT, you really had me worried there. Phew... vanilla and chocolate. I was thinking... well, never mind what I was thinking!


Darth Rob said...

Awesome! Whats the next flavor gonna be Trouser Snake, or Pink Taco, or One Eyed Wonder Worm?
I gonna be laughing all day. Thanks Twinkey.

Marcy said...

Yum! Bearded Clam ice cream sounds just plain awesome.

And I thought Toasted Squirrel Nut Ice Cream was good...

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