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Inflatable Doll Company Recalls Thousands of “Mary Dolls” Because of STD

The world’s largest producer of “adult” toys has issued an urgent recall of over 75,000 inflatable sex dolls because the dolls reportedly have an STD. The Company, “Solo-Love” immediately posted the recall after three warehouse inspectors were diagnosed with STD’s. Reports are also coming in from all over the world with individuals who claim to be in a monogamous relationship with a doll, coming down with a variety of STD’s.

A statement was released from the Solo-Love Company:

“We here at Solo-Love have always produced the highest quality of adult toy and we are devastated to find out or most popular item, the Mary Doll, is carrying an STD. We are giving all customers a 100% no-questions asked refund as well a $25 gift card for their next purchase. We are terribly sorry about this.”

To most the apology is not enough. One anonymous individual is refusing to return his Mary Doll. “I love her.” He told us. “She is my friend and my lover and I’m not just going to throw her away. You don’t just throw away a loved one because they are sick. There must be something I can do to cure her.” When we informed him the recall wasn’t because the doll was “sick” but because he could get the STD she was carrying, he had no response.

As the situation escalated investigators began to uncover the real truth about the dolls and the STD’s that some are carrying. The three inspectors who were diagnosed with the STD’s not only inspect the dolls as they come off the assembly line they are also instructed to “test-drive” them. Each of these men, as it turns out, all have different STD’s and they tested each doll out without wearing protection, thus infecting the dolls and sending them off.

Jacob Moore of Flatsburgh, Tennessee gave the following statement when he was told about the recall, “That cheating bitch! I knew I smelled cologne the second I began to inflate her! The sex wasn’t that good either. Take her away, I can’t look at her anymore.” Moore was last seen in tears with a balled-up doll heading for the dumpster.


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