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Global Warming Proved to be Caused Primarily by Body Heat – Reptiles Furious.

Washington D.C - Al Gore and Bono (lead singer of U2) who are two of the biggest names in the forefront of the Global Warming debate must be shocked to realize that no matter what they do try and reverse the so called warming of the planet, everyday they are alive they are part of the cause. As it turns out the more they talk the more they are hurting the planet!

The newest theory regarding Global Warming makes so much sense it’s amazing no one realized this before. Most think Global Warming is the result of so called greenhouse gases which include carbon dioxide, methane, nitrogen oxide etc. the gases have created an effect of green house on the earths surface which prevents the reflection of the rays from sun and thus causes the increase in temperature. Carbon dioxide concentration in the air has increased due to the emissions from cars, airplanes, power plants, industries etc. But our bodies produce heat and when we breath out we expel Carbon Dioxide.

Reptiles couldn't be more upset at the results. Binja, King of the Snakes was most outraged by the finding and is currently venting his frustration on an unsuspecting owl. Many reptiles are now killing their warm blooded prey for spite! Many reptile feel they are doing more to save the planet by attacking and killing warm blooded animals then Gore ever did. The planet is overpopulated with warm-blooded creatures and the reptiles believe the best way to save the world is to have less mammals.
Nobody knows where this will lead.

Whatever the results, it now seems that if everyone just shut their mouths we might be better off.


Darth Rob said...

Good post, btw I hate snakes. There is something wrong with your comment widget, I couldn't comment on your review of X-Men Origins Wolverine. I really want to see the movie because my favorite mutant is in it. Gambit. Can't wait til they make a Gambit movie.
I've been an X-Men fan most of my life.

The Brain Twinkey said...

Rob - thanks for the info on the movie review. All fixed.

Gambit is quite a character....


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