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Inspired By Obama Visit - Queen Visits Local Basketball Courts

United States President Barack Obama made an everlasting impression on Queen Elizabeth this past week as the Queen cancelled Sunday afternoon tea to visit a few local basketball courts.
The Queen said she didn't understand the President's passion for the sport and wanted first-hand knowledge.

Within 24 hours the Queen had a custom pair of Nike High-Tops made (to match the color of her dress) and the next day she was driven two hours to the local public ball courts.

The Queen waved and posed for pictures all the while looking surprisingly comfortable in these elements. One of her assistants brought a basketball and handed it to her. The Queen looked confused but proceeded to wave and smile while still holding the ball under her non-waving arm. When one of her assistants suggested she dribble the ball the Queen looked him off and decided to wave and smile instead. Another assistant motioned to her that she should take a shot, and with a very subtle shake of her head the Queen continued to wave and smile.

Then, without any warning the Queen put the rock on the floor and with a spin move took off down the court. The ball moved gracefully through her legs and around her back. As she approached the hoop her speed accelerated and picked up the ball...two magnificent steps later she was air born and reverse dunked! The Queen, facing away from the hoop with a reverse grip on the rim raised both of her knees and then released, sending her to the ground where she then stopped; stood up gracefully and dusted herself off. Without a word she slowly proceeded back to her automobile standing next to her door awaiting her driver to let her in.


Anonymous said...

Kobe. LeBron better look out then, huh? The Queen's going to dunk on them? I had no idea. None of us did until you shared. Thanks.

The Brain Twinkey said...

That's why I'm here. Someone has to investigate the strange, unusual and made up stories that surround us....just like the soft golden cake that surrounds the sweet, sweet cream filling of a Twinkey!

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what is a brain twinkey?
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